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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  February 11, 2019 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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fear that if i saw he's pushed out of syria it will rebase to afghanistan the. president this was the foreign fighters are very cruel and don't have sympathy for anyone the local i saw have at least some feeling for afghans but for an isolator crew are their hearts are made of stone on the battlefield i still may be contained for now but it's taking ground in the propaganda war last week afghan security services arrested a cleric and a professor who are alleged to be eisel spies western diplomats report that afghan universities have become fertile ground for eisel recruitment one car university in jalalabad was closed for a time last year so recruiters and sympathizers could be cleared out to talk to the . person there's not people who are using illicit deal for political reasons they give the guard and no one can bring that i.d.'s to work again the interest of the country that in the remote militia outpost facing eisel positions the hope is they get western support and weapons before they have to encounter the battle hardened
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men who will lose syria but not a cause tony berkeley al jazeera eastern afghanistan still had on al-jazeera the torturous death of a teacher involved in protests feels more anger against sudan's president and another government shutdown looms in washington talks on border security stall do stay with us here on. hello there where this quite messy across the middle east at the moment if we take a look at the satellite picture we can see the cloud working its way up from saudi arabia over parts of iran and gradually swirling around the whole region and this is giving some of us some pockets of rain and snow at the moment and it will intensify as we head through the next few days say for monday then quite
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a bit of rain over the southern parts of iraqi through kuwait and into iran and then the pushes its way eastwards as we head into chews day giving iran some very heavy rain and some snow for afghanistan as well and actually for afghanistan over the next few days they could be around sixty centimeters more snow in places which is good news because we are in a drought here a bit further towards the south and here in doha there's more in the way of clouds and there's also some wet weather just to the north of us that's sweeping its way southwards across during monday night is where we're expecting most of the wet weather and that is the way for tuesday so i choose day then there should be more in the way of dry weather around once more and it will also be another breezy day the winds firing down from the northwest bringing in some fresh air so twenty two degrees would just be our maximum temperature and it will feel quite cool it during the night that into was a southern parts of africa lots of showers hail stretching across towards madagascar and some rather one of the storms for the eastern parts of south africa to. sponsor countdown to. my main cities
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every single brings a silly simple breaking stories and then of course there's damage from the town through the eyes of the welsh generally that's right out of a hamas group that calls for the annihilation of israel that is not what that phrase in the middle. east as we turned the cameras on the media focused on how they were caught on the stories that matter the most in betty is a free palestine a listening heist on al-jazeera. you're watching of zero of me so rob a reminder of our top stories acting u.s.
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defense secretary has just arrived in afghanistan's capital of the talks aimed at ending the seventeen year war patrick shanahan will meet u.s. military officials and the afghan president. also venezuela's opposition leader. to block food and medicine from entering almost genocidal the u.s. provided food medicine and it stuck on the border. the u.s. military says it will probably start to pull troops out of syria in a few weeks but the top american commander in the middle east is cautious about the exact timing. let's go back to that top story and the acting defense u.s. defense secretary has just arrived in kabul tony berkeley's our correspondent in the afghan capital and tony while mr shanahan rides to discuss important security interests in the region he's also really got a very strategic relationship with the government in kabul that needs to be briefed
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on not just security arrangements but ongoing peace talks. yes indeed i mean he's taken over from jim matheson he's got a very tough job on his hands this peace momentum which started with the talks with the taliban and the u.s. in in doha as you know moved on a bit now but we're not really any closer to peace of course he wants to come here and find out for himself in person what the situation is but he did make a very encouraging statement least encouraging for the afghan government he said that talks have to include with the taliban have to include the afghan government and that's a priority for the afghan government they say that can be no peace without them talking directly to the taliban there are lots of concerns at the speed at which these peace negotiations are going and the fact that the afghan government feels is being sidelined this concern that if there is going to be an american pull out too quickly it could destabilize the country and far from the taliban agreeing to peace
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they may use that as an opportunity to take over the countries a lot of concerns here but i think he's going to shore up exactly well what the american position is visa vi what the afghan government wants and of course they want to talk directly they want power sharing but they want to see a new taliban they don't want to see the old taliban of pre two thousand and one when it's you know some subjugation of women and some harsh penalties for people against sharia law so it's going to be a finding mission for him nothing's going to be established even though the present some wants a quick solution to that that's the feeling and the senate in the u.s. is very much more cautious they voted against the president against any move to withdraw troops from syria or afghanistan so there's lots of talking to be done but he's here now i think to find out really what the situation on the ground and how they can move forward peace talks are shared will to go again between the taliban and the u.s. later in the month so this is an important fact finding mission i think for him indeed will follow events through the day with you tony as the situation develops
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tony betty that in kabul. seventeen australian residents are believed to have been detained in china as part of a crackdown on the muslim we get minority activists say the individuals who are visiting relatives when they were arrested about a million we goes are believed to be held in camps against their will china's government though says the comes a voluntary and designed to stamp out extremist tendencies and thomas has more from sydney. there are about three thousand chinese people of the week ethnicity here in australia and i spoken to a representative of that community on monday and she's told me that while she's very reluctant to go public with her concerns she feels she's getting nowhere behind closed doors with the australian government she's concerned about seventeen we get chinese people living in australia either on spouse visas or as permanent resident residents here in australia those are people who've returned to china for short holidays and then disappeared initially they had their passports confiscated
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and then they've just gone off the radar people and their families here just do not know what has happened to them and they say they've been asking a straight in government to find out what's happened to them whether even they're alive or dead for some months and they're just not getting on says the lady i've spoken to says that if these were australian citizens rather than permanent residents then she thinks a lot more would be done she says she's spoken to people in the u.s. state department who say that if they were u.s. residents the u.s. state department would have done a lot more to find out what was going on but she doesn't think enough is being done by camera to find out what has happened to these people. talk to avert another government shutdown in the u.s. of stalled just days before a deadline over funding is due to expire there's a dispute between republicans and democrats over the detention of asylum seekers president trumbo agreed last month to end the thirty five day partial shutdown with a three week spending deal he wants billions of dollars for his long promised
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border wall but democrats are refusing to approve it. now thousands of protesters in the haitian capital as amending the president stepped down when i was seeing is under pressure from opponents who blame him for the country's economic woes with all rallies planned in the coming days the standoff has plunged latin america's poorest nation into political chaos. as more. anger is rising on the streets of port au prince protesters say the government is corrupt the qs president of his managing the economy and are calling for an end to his rule . down is different we are going to burn the country down if he does not step down we need a new government a government not kaz about the youth we are tired of the current system and these demonstrators say they aren't going anywhere until they force the president to step down but they are taking on the police and touring the streets into
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a battlefield destruction sending clear message of discontent. juvenile movies came to power in twenty seventeen he promised to end corruption and improve the economy the previous government is accused of embezzling millions and aid that was given by venezuela but with no politicians facing prosecution and little improvement in living standards critics say nothing has changed since. the government makes the budget just for them this is not how you provide change the government took their money and spent it on themselves on people who don't deserve it. despite chaos in the capital the government response has been muted weeks last spoke publicly on friday he refused to step down but offered to negotiate with his opponents to bring the country together. we went to elections a part of the population voted i am president i am ready to speak to all my brothers and sisters over the difficulties of the country is facing to my brothers
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and sisters in the opposition the doors open so as to reach a solution. the latest surge and violence falls movie says decision to cut ties with venezuela's government at the behest of the united states that's cut haiti off from a key source of aid as it continues to rebuild after the devastation of hurricane matthew in twenty sixteen. he is the poorest country in latin america with almost sixty percent of the population living on little more than two dollars a day into monohan al-jazeera. thailand's election commission is expected to make a ruling on whether princess it when rod can run for the five minister's office in the elections in march the thai rocks the chart party announced on friday that the king's older sister would be it's come to that the palace they described the move as unconstitutional and inappropriate way has more from bangkok. officially the election campaign is only a few days old already it has been very eventful end on monday the election
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commission is likely to rule that princess is ineligible to be the prime ministerial candidate for the tie rocks a chart party the party made that shocking announcement on friday morning that she would be the candidate to become prime minister in the march twenty four election and later on friday night the palace responded with a very strongly worded statement saying that this was unconstitutional that it was inappropriate because while she gave up her royal title back in one thousand nine hundred seventy two to she married a commoner and a foreigner she still very much part of the family and therefore has to adhere to the traditions the protocols the rules surrounding the monarchy so it would really be unimaginable that the election commission would go against the wishes of the palace if it makes its decision on monday this party could also be dissolved because of this although we're unlikely to hear any more news about that on monday
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because that would have to go through the constitutional court also in what's being seen as a tit for tat move a member of that thai rocks a chart party is on monday going to submit a request to the election commission that the candidacy of the current prime minister. who led the coup in two thousand and fourteen is also ineligible because he continues to hold a government office he refuses really to back down while the election campaign is on and take on a caretaker role so according to this member of the thai rak to chart party he should also be ruled ineligible to be the candidate for another party. government prosecutors in sudan have admitted that a protester died in custody after being tortured the school teacher was detained during demonstrations against the government of the sheer has the story. of people in the town of heisman is tim sudan came out like one family for the funeral
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of their school teacher for the fifth he died while being tortured by members of the state security after he took part in our take government demonstrations. he died in custody members of security killed him he was in a very good health when he left home. friend who was arrested with him said he saw him while being beaten then. he lay on me like this off today knocked him down you continue to move sideways from pain and say are are after a while he was completely still the security guy tried to wake him up by tapping his jeans i told him this man is dead he said let all of you die for your revolution but then i uncovered his body and started inspecting his neck because it was swollen i couldn't tell if it was broken but the marks of torture were very
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clear on the body. for several days so then his security forces continued to hide the truth claiming that had died of an illness. zoe he his family were invited to see his body that they were sure that no violations were committed and that he had not been tortured. but that the count turned out to be a lie officials conducted an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death the prosecution has found the death of this person to be the result of several wounds inflicted on him and those responsible should face trial according to the law. but taking the perpetrators to justice may prove difficult so then security forces usually refused to let their members be tried in civilian courts and the belated confession has not satisfied family or the protesters has the past turned into a public course and the rallying cry for more protest and anger against the
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government of president omar bashir. in his hometown ahmed's family is still trying to make sense of the loss silence dominates the school where he was teaching his students are unable to get over the shock. of video was made to remember his life he talks about the value of the school teacher to humanity and denounces ahmed's there as equivalent to the killing of the future of an entire nation. under. the world's insert sort of path to extinction posing a catastrophic threat to our ecosystems the global scientific review was published by a leading journal called biological conservation its report says more than forty percent of insect species are in decline while a third are endangered this means the rate of their extinction is eight times faster than mammals birds and reptiles overall the mass of insects is falling by
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two point five percent every year meaning they could vanish within a century and scientists say this could destroy the way all ecosystems function. that's more than astounding it's extremely frightening i have personally seen the populations of insects i studied personally go extinct because in large part because of climate change over the last couple of decades where you got to understand that if the insects disappear we're going to disappear to the whole agricultural system the pens among other things on the insects that are most vulnerable to extinction to control the other insects which compete with us for our crops so this is a brilliant paper but at the same time one that scares the pants off of any biologist who understands how the world works and of course it's an overly optimistic paper because it mentions the things that we should be doing in order to
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avoid the extinction of the insects and it's very reminiscent of the things we should be doing to avoid climate disruption and avoid the food problems we now face and the point is we're not doing any of them in the united states on the issues that you have to deal with on the insect extinction we have a government that's determinedly doing everything it possibly can to push the insects and the other organisms to extinction as fast as possible. the bracks it situation in europe the breakdown of the european union is another thing that is going to prevent the kind of international effort that we need to save our life support system so i'm afraid i can't be extremely optimistic. your child is there with means the whole romney reminder of all top stories acting u.s. defense secretary has seen him recently with nato his chief has just arrived in afghanistan's
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capital kabul for talks aimed at ending the seventeen year wall patrick shanahan will meet u.s. military officials and afghan president of colony. the u.s. is trying to get aid into venezuela through a u.n. security council resolution tons of food and medicines to calm the colombian border president refuses to take it saying the aid is part of efforts to force him from power. bitter as rival gone by dozers efforts to keep out the aid are almost genocidal. in though. i understand that they want to block the aid because that's what a victimizer does it makes them seem almost genocidal by their actions they're killing venezuelans killing children who are protesting killing fernando abandon opposition lawmaker i understand that they would want to deny this and not allowing the humanitarian aid the regime should know if this is a crime against humanity gentlemen of the armed forces. the u.s. military says it's likely to begin pulling troops out of syria in
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a few weeks but the top american commander in the middle east cautioned that the exact timing would depend on how things are going on the ground the trumpet ministration has been sending mixed messages on when the withdrawal will happen as didn't transfer as many of his allies in december when he announced all u.s. soldiers would come home immediately having defeated beisel seventeen australian residents are believed to have been detained in china as part of a crackdown on the muslim we got minority activists say the individuals were visiting relatives when they were arrested about a million we believed to be held incomes against their will china's government those as the terms of voluntary and designed to stamp out extremist tendencies thailand's election commission is expected to make a ruling on whether princess even rats will run for the prime minister's office in march as elections the thai rocks a chart party announced on friday that the king's older sister would be its candidate the palace though described the move as unconstitutional and
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inappropriate and you can follow those stories on our website at al-jazeera dot com and back with more news in half an hour we continue on al-jazeera with the listening post to stay with us. a colleague must much hussein has now been held in pretrial detention for two years what is his crime. why hasn't he been tried yet why hasn't justice been applied in this case is he detained because he said charnel us as journalism become a crime have moles become a tool to silence weiss's of truth we will continue our news coverage with professionalism and impartiality our work will remain credible and accurate but journalism is not a crime incarcerating journalists is not acceptable we demand the immediate release of our colleague mahmoud to same and all journalist attained in a gyptian jails free mahmoud's and all his colleagues we stand for press freedom.
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on line. with the answer for them not to. join us on saturday all of us have been colonized in some form or some fashion this is a diana react talking about. you have seen what it can do to somebody people are using multiple drugs including and some people are seeking it out everyone has a voice. here twitter and you could be on the street and join the global conversation on mt is iraq. the website buzz feed announcing it's going to be laying off. now it would have seven work or should it really. real products that are sucking up all the. paper to say about internet storage space arced couple of weeks. longer to give birth in europe the listening
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post here are some of the media stories we're covering this week the digital publishing industry takes a big hit the future just ain't what it used to be israel's prime minister moves into what election load and it's clear that he plans to run against the israeli media latin american literature meets journalism in the work and legacy of gabrielle got to see a market and karl marx gets a mandarin make over. to you during comes courtesy of propagandists in beijing. it's been a tough couple of weeks for the digital news industry more than a thousand workers many of them reporters have lost their jobs at companies like buzz feed huff post and vice just five years ago these digital news outlets were seen as the future of journalism however the layoffs suggest that the business model the companies all rely on click based advertising revenue just doesn't add up to a profitable bottom line then there's the problematic reliance on facebook and google
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to distribute digital news content the two tech giants are eating up the bulk of digital ad revenues leaving the. the buzz feed's of the world in roughly the same place as newspapers and other legacy news organizations before them trying to find new models to make their businesses work sound familiar that's because it is our starting point this week as buzz feed's headquarters in new york city. were customed i think the traditional media companies losing people were accustomed to newspapers laying people off but people expected. by and other digital companies were the future of digital media there was a impression in some circles that these companies really figured out the future one million subscribers are right now i want to take you show you around on how we get this. concern over the fact that why they are different from legacy publishers
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they're perhaps not so different as we had imagined the second. week so now the question is how do we find a way forward. the digital natives are growing restless the buzz feed layoffs amount to more than two hundred jobs the company's revenue formula using gossip click bait and lightweight listicle to drive traffic to the news side was considered a model now its entire national security reporting team has been laid off as well as parts of the national news desk another two hundred fifty jobs will disappear advice a media company the traded on its understanding of the millennial market it's now leaning away from news and focusing on its more lucrative divisions such as film and television production it's an industry wide contraction that feels like a correction and amounts to an admission that for all their indie sas and swagger in this episode we go to liberia and hang out with cannibal warlord the buzz feed's
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and vices of the news world i was dependent on the tech giants as a child is on its parents. hipster crowd will only get you so far they need facebook and google to survive that's about the role that google and facebook have played in delivering audiences to publishers they both have algorithms that they are constantly changing without warning and publishers will see their traffic tank overnight without any ability to respond to it the problem is that when you rely on facebook as your distribution mechanism when facebook changes you really are at their mercy the idea and it seemed sound at the time was let's maximize our strategies our editorial strategies in advertising strategies to appeal to younger viewers slash readers and do it primarily on facebook but as facebook decided to change how it operates it has a banned news in general and it has hurt these companies that had built up their
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business practices to pander to facebook. even when news outlets clear the algorithm occurred and find there's the issue of how the tech giants the cash the ad revenue take facebook before getting to a news article you scroll through your feet and the first wave of ads placed by facebook you'll eventually reach the article and the news outlets ad but advertisers value that ad less than the ones facebook has posted because facebook ads are more effectively targeted the platform knows more about you your interests and buying habits in the news outlet everwood that's how more than eighty percent of news related ad revenues end up in the pockets of the gatekeepers facebook and google or of millions of people out there if you can get x. number to click on something you can get advertisers to pay for quick theoretically
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if you accumulate enough volume you can make money and we know that that's possible because google makes money and. the problem is there is no way for a media company to achieve that kind of scale google and facebook take up the vast majority of digital advertising and so there's very little left for media companies in the amount of money that they're making from what it actually declining so you have to have to run faster and faster just to stay in the same place it's clear that the relies on advertising alone is. a problem for the industry so it's a question of whether the publishing industry as a whole can find other sources of revenue to make up for some of the advertising that's flowing away from news and increasingly going to companies like facebook and google. the other revenue source that will likely draw these from mainstream media organizations that have invested in their younger digital competitors n.b.c.
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universal and comcast have injected more than four hundred million dollars into buzz fox disney and a and the networks have hundreds of millions. horizon has long been vacuuming up media content providers such as yeah a.o.l. and by extension post multibillion dollar deals. there may have once been a rationale for such investments but those mainstream media companies are now counting their losses in some cases writing them off and looking to invest elsewhere all those investments came from the big media companies who made most of their money in television and paid television was just going off a cliff by netflix they were seeing their most lucrative parts of their business declining so they were desperate to reach these hard to reach young people in their twenty's and early thirty's and by buzz feed they offered a way to reach these young audiences and now it's unlikely that they're going to
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continue that investment just because of the difficulties in online advertising market who exactly is going to be. provide the funding for these companies as they go forward venture capital investors don't just give you hundreds of millions of dollars for nothing they're going to expect that money back it's going to have to come from somewhere because the revenue model is now in question not only are we questioning the growth rates of these companies we're questioning sort of whether they can even continue to be the same size so now you've got something that is not even growing it's probably shrinking that's not a business model that anybody is going to be interested in investing in. one model that is working in a limited way is the old fashioned subscription model that so many news organizations have abandoned the same week that buzz feed vice and huff post were shedding staff the new york times announced it now employs one thousand six hundred journalists the most in its history and that it ended two thousand and eighteen
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with a record three point three million digital subscribers a twenty seven percent increase over the previous year having convinced many americans that their journalism is worth supporting papers like the times and the washington post are thriving the in direct beneficiaries of president trump's attacks on the u.s. news media however very few news outlets have the name recognition the prestige of the times or the post and the digital newbies have gone all in on the digital advertising model for better or for worse for richer or for poorer. from the amazing performance of the new york times company they've been able to create a great digital description model that is funding their new trend so there is help if you're a big brand and you can get people to pay for descriptions but if you're relying on advertising i'd be very very little i don't think mark i don't think all hope is lost but it does mean that we must confront the true dragons facebook and google
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if we fail to confront facebook and google at their terrifying ability. to distort journalism to corrupt journalism and to crush journalism. then we are in trouble we have to break up those large companies to make sure that they are not so powerful non-so dollar. those are fairly big tasks but they're not impossible. we're discussing other media stories that are on our radar this week with one of our producers marcel a piece our marcel of the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is facing an election in april what's the latest on the media side of this story when a few weeks ago there were those billboards paid for by netanya his likud party featuring four israeli journalists telling voters quote they will not decide you decide it looks like he's taking
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a page out of donald trump's media manual last sunday nesson you know who launched a weekly webcast on the social media that pledges to quote get rid of the fake from the news and that's a yahoo used the first show to celebrate its triumphs and to lambaste the media and to put at the roots of hudson's terms of wills with. the media to go the vote he accuses them of teaming up with the police and the judiciary in three corruption cases he calls it a witch hunt designs of force him out of office troops got a similar show is called real news updates that was hosted by trump's daughter nor is really one is hosted by any arrests he's famous not so much for his journalism but for having appeared on a reality t.v. show which one irony of big brother you really could not make it up you've also been working on this week's feature story the second in a series that you've done about giants from the world of literature who often saw themselves as journalists not just authors yes the first story went out last year
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it was about american rights it's on wolf for the second installment i believe king at the video you got to see a marcus he wrote books like one hundred years of solitude love in the time of cholera chronicle of a death foretold we think of him as a fiction writer we think of magical realism but he saw himself first and foremost as a journalist one of the first things that jumped out at me on this was just to see a mark as was the son of a telegraph operator so he was born with colombian news and information in his blood clearly and he said of his first news paper when you. just twelve years old he called it a company meal which is the colombian word for what students call a cheat sheet the paper lasted less than a week but he stayed with journalism as a reporter cinema critic foreign correspondent starting out in the one nine hundred fifty which is a key period in latin american history we're talking about the cold war we're talking a political upheaval across the continent and iraj of u.s. backed military coups which is why it's important to understand that political
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context the time of extreme oppression in fact a san marcos was thrown out of colombia for his outspokenness because ultimately his form of journalism was unapologetically political what today we call advocacy journalism and what comes across when i speak to the journalists in this piece is studied under him or worked with him is this constant tug of war between the military and the journalistic that wavering between fact and fiction or does that not make his journalism fundamentally problematic perhaps but the point is that people like our samak it's make us think about journalism beyond debates on empiricism objectivity accuracy and how the military can get us nearer to truth of experience. throughout this piece we've used accepts of going to the americas as walk to take viewers through the story starting with something he said in one thousand nine hundred eighty one has.
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led to get up early with michael gerson reporting a loader answer mark if i had fish oil it is a pretty major and love unbusy and love mike. castle stuff like you know the money also somebody just if you got to see a pirate kiss a good go to civil court reporter they don't swear or video if the professor and i . know if you should. if they help you eat more for your hair free if we're in the report they're all for comment but if that would be because see if we'd be or procedural if you do want to show now a lot i mean i mean if i had made a. cake on
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a seattle magic eskimo sociality and they simply cannot ask it in the. land that this but i mean nothing then. i'll go only b. and if our. reports back in tokyo. for it kate i would inform my soon signal now while i you know there is. the end in the sky it is nor i assume you suppose the hour when he said be just poorly because in this time for this year either i was here either. to go. out with
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the. boss and lose the years. ago. because i was so scared look lazy. you know mental i'm going to be sick keep my song to go release a middle of it or this could do to get. him know i put it this time knowing you're going up with this out at last he got shot just from where you're out. you don't says. cassie. until i couldn't get my miracle class electronic. put on who should i put out there step three out of. the play my story squillo not done but i took one of the nerves that i know i did. their bit is not going to happen as an all but is mine make it go on a couple. magic is good. but i'm in this anya infamous high school.
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that those boys this was his thirty years get in the south of santa level e.f. if i were one of the last places same as it that if they'd be seen. as a spy the simple get this kind the loss of there isn't any mental process but i have a guest list that as a government as i will be. when i see or not but i can tell. the end i want to malaga to meet a mass with camels that. any morals and got me home. or you go you know it is psychosis found out you should pursue arche once in your who don't know that point is the yes but if one of the m.p.'s in but if you're not in the mob and i don't know for ag you. go to your end
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of the said yes i mean a lot of dust but. that lead draw them up. if you go this way first get. your isolated from the who don't. know. the when a good. spot of general loader you are all your thirty day then a moment of. more may as well me but i can't you have no. idea no one. i was safeways to see anything else general orders you order your order is he opened the door for thirty five expect very large plate. and more literally was taken to mean is that close up it like you just said in safety. or no when i see it you go see it used to this it is good as it is going all over it is a nerd who is very you know they saw you not
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a book. in baseball that you know will be in see because you're not going to just get out. to these. areas call and they don't mean this could only produce tickets cost get it out of your videos or if i did mine up an email and report back. they could load it peony be that. your name is assumed it could be someone france good. sort of like an american also most common looking to coordinate. their name was one of the finisher new procedures were located really meant. all oysters. and i could only leave that area that is to seal them up though. it is pretty stylish in america spends our case i don't hate it ok in latin america . could only so they in the us knows the nice than say the s.l.s.
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could only go there live in the us a second i'll say i say hey don't clinic and that's ok. but i'll say this but i'm mad as a school so today i made a way this way. in those days that i'm out because i live on this and all but is getting an award let me read it is that. like an american i'm not allowed i'm on this sort of thing in the. will review and three. that's unfair to me so for me yes well you know what the but you're. member of the. military thought that about the
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way they took this super good little feat and still think you have to separate your belief because it all part of people's agenda and get it that it will be appropriate to see him but who. who are people who are your go to see it all the police show you a will and looks on your brand if they see a total assailant going to be that if you know but i'm not a respect for your good air left. if you got to see america is there but. if they do leave one good young politically to bring the end of it we're going to get my ticket i could not give you. enormous he not this in the sudan he's my go to be cheating i told i had assumed that being the could have been that loaded for you if you could see all of the new owners across the. aisle come your believe political sense that you hope to put i'm not getting what your photograph i mean look about
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me i later conservatively got to see a lot of your singing speed out of the by you get the you want this in the can so and we'll focus on way better they don't we'll get a phone call on the. last in the study out of not this out of the gate it's his time in that local mall. might feel a little bit all expect that. he got more. than that. but in this day in a say about that than they made early going to get put on that ad i say needed you know that allen one thing they must hide out and that's on the kids and say hey let's get up and say i'm not ok they will not know my name on the wall. and finally karl marx is getting a make over more than a century after his death courtesy of beijing the propaganda department of the communist youth league has a job to do to make communism more appealing to the younger generation so it's
1:45 pm
produced an animated series celebrating the life of the author of the communist manifesto now you might not recognize this version of marx gone is the thick beard the gray hair the german accent all replaced by a dashing tall blue eyed love struck philosopher whose fluent in mandarin it's a seven part series called the leader it's been released on china's biggest video streaming site billy billy is a joke in there somewhere about the means of production but we can't come up with it so we'll just leave you now with the trailer and we'll see you next time here at the list. with some of the so we're. going to succumb to cheat sheets. to shoot the sheets to leave. come. cheap.
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good. luck. to you. come. billions of dollars have been stolen from malaysia meet the whistleblower who exposed big deals and criminal cover ups. when east investigates the world's biggest heist. on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the difference is that in both bottles ossified this that authentic and the ritz with the this time go through with this do not come up with detailed coverage has
1:47 pm
already said that he's ready to take over as intel in precedents and call for you elections. from around the world volunteers are doing what they can that's not the point behind the government's decision to criminalize homelessness it hundred. take the worst possible material. to dust comparable to flour and make a whole lot of it and put it into a place where people live think is a colossal to provide as well and so many people are there for the fellow who. doesn't make you feel nice you feel like a murderer we have created an enormous normal mental disaster. and investigation south africa toxic city on al jazeera. it's a daunting climb to one of the holiest sites in bhutan tiger's nest ball astri seems to defy gravity every beauty's is expected to complete the pilgrimage to
1:48 pm
ensure peace and happiness what it became a democracy in two thousand and eight the time put happiness at the center of all political policy inspiring the un to pass a resolution urging other nations to follow petang example but how do you measure it brittany's happiness is what we ensure it if it is quantifiable but by simply turning its pursuit into policy bhutan has done what no other country has. the acting u.s. defense secretary arrives in kabul pushing for afghanistan's government to be included in taliban peace talks.
1:49 pm
on cell raman this is al jazeera live my headquarters here in doha also coming up venezuela's self declared leader reveals how he plans to get u.s. aid into the country in defiance of the government. his rival president maduro appears with a loyal soldiers warning they're ready for any threats from enemies. welcome to al-jazeera the acting u.s. defense secretary is in afghanistan's capital for talks aimed at ending the seventeen year war patrick shanahan will meet two u.s. military officials and afghan president of gani he says he wants afghanistan's government involved in peace talks with the taliban it's been sidelined because the taliban regards the government as illegitimate let's join tony bursley on the phone our correspondent in kabul and calls mr shand says the u.s. has important security interests in the region but also a strategic relationship with the government in kabul that really needs to be
1:50 pm
briefed on the security arrangements the u.s. is making and its ongoing peace talks with the taliban. you know i think he's saying that he pretty much an open mind about the situation here just involves afghanistan but it's a regional issue he needs to find out exactly what he's on the ground think so it's a fact finding mission for him he was a massive number to use and ask themselves not. make them to make the views known after this visit but he said as you said before some encouraging things which the afghan government that is the afghans ultimately will decide peace and that the afghan government has to be involved in peace talks to say the toughest this is this is exploring all possibilities for ending the war and there are no instructions at this moment to reduce the u.s. troop level which currently stands at forty thousand you may remember the taliban saying that there had been some sort of agreement at the talks and that they would
1:51 pm
withdraw some of the troops by april that is the case there is no timetable according to the u.s. administration and also to mr shanahan there are a lot of concerns in what he says is in terms of take the u.s. peace envoy mr kelly live that has been leading the talks with the taliban he's been saying that he's hopeful of some kind of breakthrough in some kind of deal with by july and that coincides with the afghan presidential election it's alarming some speed with this is going too fast when you consider lots of complication is a war and they got what kind of some people are very distrustful of the taliban what kind of taliban think this negotiating table is the taliban of creed two thousand and one with all the things that went with that sharia law the execution the punishment that sort of thing the subjugation of women or is it is news. that the breast even kind of government taliban has said they don't want power sharing
1:52 pm
you know this question marks here in just a shanahan is going to talk to everybody concerned not just for the taliban i think that is because of security reasons but it is a preamble to the next plan which they're going to say on twenty six. for the moment we'll leave it there thanks tony and we apologize for the quality of that phone line but will work keep in touch with what's going on in kabul through the day moving on to our other top story in russia and the u.s. have offered a very different solutions to the crisis in venezuela both countries present a draft resolutions to the united nations security council washington back self declared interim president one wydow its resolution calls for free and fair elections on the delivery of international aid moscow on the other hand supports president nicolas maduro its counterproposal criticizes any efforts to intervene in venezuela's domestic issues and no date has been set for the vote now inside venezuela. efforts to block food and medicine from entering or almost genocidal
1:53 pm
tons of u.s. aid remain stuck on the colombian border venezuela's military has so far refused to let it in under orders from president maduro which were says the aid is part of the u.s. ploy to remove him from power quietus says he'll use volunteers to open new aid routes into the country in the end though. i understand that they want to block the aid because that's what a victimizer does it makes them seem almost genocidal by their actions they're killing venezuelans killing children who are protesting killing fernando abandon opposition lawmaker i understand that they would want to deny this and not allowing the humanitarian aid the regime should know if this is a crime against humanity gentlemen of the armed forces treason both of hers more from caracas. one way though and members of the opposition are getting ready for a week of what expected to be intense protests they're already calling for some
1:54 pm
groups to demonstrate on monday a massive demonstration in other parts of the country on tuesday other protests on wednesday the idea is to pressure the government to allow them to get aid into the country we already know that aid is arriving medicines and food to the border between venezuela and some type of other aid is also expected to try to enter the country in the world that i'm brazil and venezuela and why yourself today also. could be i gather at some caribbean island with the help of the motherland but it's not clear we child is going to take place what we know is that many in venezuela are in desperate need there are shortages of food because of the prices mostly people cannot afford some of the basic items because of hyperinflation changing prices are changing from one minute to be other there is also an enormous forty off of medicines were in a hospital a few days ago where babies are dying because of lack of proper medicine to treat
1:55 pm
diarrhea for example so the situation is dire here but the government is saying that aid even used politically by the opposition has demanding that the press and precedent calls for free and general elections for now. that elections are won't be happening in venezuela any time soon. meanwhile insists his soldiers all ready to defend venezuela from the united states and the rest of its enemies state television is. attending military exercises in the states. saying this eliminates today the most important military exercises that our republican history recalls have been successfully initiated throughout the national territory the most important because of the situation we are living in of real threat. from the imperialist government of donald trump against the peace of venezuela the head of the empire has threatened us and that is generated indignation rejection by all
1:56 pm
the people of venezuela and of the world's public opinion. as well as economic hardship has been especially painful for vulnerable elderly people in america and italy see a new human went to war home to see how residents coping. this is hill of hope in western venezuela in old age home where destitute or abandoned senior citizens are meant to live out their last years with dignity. but as always in times of acute economic hardship it's the youngest and the oldest who suffer most in the absence of full time staff seventy nine year old. keeps the gate locked and helps those who can't walk because he still can. we help each other out amongst ourselves michael most everyone he suffers from hypertension but there's no medicine here. until you are solace could walk and see when he came here three
1:57 pm
years ago now he's blind from untreated cataracts can't walk and is tormented by a hernia i think. last night i was in terrible pain. i cry from the pain. i am very sad. only god knows how long i'll remain. sometimes there's nothing to eat we have no help from the government there is no one to help us. the home is a foundation that runs on donations but they've dried up so there are no nurses or doctors and very very little food. the cook says it wasn't always that way. they used to throw away the food once there was abandoned. until the crisis came the crisis began six years ago she says most of the donors
1:58 pm
have left the country hyperinflation has led to widespread poverty and scarcity of almost everything. it's time for dinner and so on you have a c.e.o. who's confined to a wheelchair helps guide for the beneath this who's blind to the dining room and this is the dinner for the grandfathers as they're called it's cornflower boiled water because we're told it's been more than a year since they received any donations of milk and this will be the last thing they're going to eat until tomorrow. the cook and the cleaner will be leaving soon and they'll be left alone to put themselves to bed no later than six so they won't feel so hungry until breakfast. they are resigned they say to being forgotten in a country with so many other desperate need. to see in human. in this way that. now this military says it's likely to begin pulling troops out of
1:59 pm
syria in a few weeks time but the top american commander in the middle east cautioned that the exact timing would depend on how things are going on the ground the trumpet ministration has been sending mixed messages when the withdrawal will happen president from surprised many of his allies in december when he announced all u.s. soldiers would come home immediately having defeated. and u.s. backed rebels have been making advances against a saloon what's being billed as the final battle to seize the armed groups last enclave events of by the kurdish led syrian democratic forces all the s.d.f. is focused on the eastern village of behoves there's been heavy fighting since the offensive began on saturday twenty thousand civilians have left the area but hundreds are still thought to be inside or on troop affiliated with the s.t.'s says it wants everyone out before they advance further no seventeen australian residents are believed to have been detained in china as part of a crackdown on the muslim minority activists say the individuals were visiting
2:00 pm
relatives when they were arrested about a million we use are believed to be held in counts against their will china's government though says the camps all voluntary and designed to stamp out extremist tendencies andrew thomas has more from sydney there are about three thousand chinese people of the weaker ethnicity here in australia and i spoken to a representative of that community on monday and she's told me that while she's very reluctant to go public with her concerns she feels she's getting nowhere behind closed doors with the australian government she's concerned about seventeen we get chinese people living in australia either on spouse visa is or is permanent written residence here in australia those are people who've returned to china for short holidays and then disappeared initially that had their passports confiscated and then they've just gone off the radar people in their families here just do not know what has happened to them and they say they've been asking us to.


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